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Top model, fashion manager and licensee of beauty contests. Her career in the fashion industry starts with winning the "Miss Samokov" in 1995. Followed by a number of competitions, which she also won. This opened the door to the world of fashion - shows, photo shoots, TV appearances. Her participation in 2007 in the second edition of "Survivor" make her even stronger and more disciplined which brought the invitation to become a TV presenter of a national wide tv show. In 2008, she became the first winner of the title "Lady Bulgaria". Since that time she became a co-organizer of the competition and helps all the winners to realize their own potential. One of her favorite competitions is the "Queen of Flowers", which is held every year on the Christian holiday of Palm Sunday. This is the most colorful, adorned with flowers competition and on the same she celebrates her own name day. Other competition which she is pride of is "Perfect Body". The purpose and idea of the contest is to encourage a healthy lifestyle. All contestants with a perfect body, tell the audience about their diets, sports practicing and physical culture that they hold. The aim of the competition is more and more young girls to think about health and vision and to spend their free time and their lives to the full. Each year we are doing a very special edition called "Perfect Body Awards", where Internet voting after consulting the committee of journalists, public figures are awarded in different categories for their perfect vision. The achievements are many, but the most outstanding are: Ms. Bulgaria Galaxy 2008, 1st place international competition in 2009., Held in the capital of the Dominican Republic - Santo Domingo. She won the two most prestigious titles - "Senora Clasica Mondial" and "Lady Top Model Worldwide", Fashion Idol 2011. In 2014 she became licensee of the International Competition "Lady Universe". All competitions organized by us are accompanied each year by a charitable cause!


The first ever edition is about to take place in Sofia, Bulgaria 8-12 February 2016

  • 2015

    The very First Lady Universe

    The first ever edition is about to take place in Sofia, Bulgaria in February, 2016.

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